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A flexible alternative to PDFMonkey for automating PDF generation

Need to automate PDF generation in your web app? Want to find a cheaper and easier option than PDFMonkey? Try Doppio, a fully managed, secure and reliable API for generating PDF from HTML.

The real tiny Doppio factory that creates one by one PDF documents from HTML files

Looking for an alternative to PDFMonkey ?

If you want to automate PDF generation in your web site or app, you may have found in PDFMonkey a great solution. PDFMonkey is indeed a great tool if tou want to create templates and automate PDF generation by calling an API with JSON data. But if you want a powerful and simple way to generate PDF content on the go, Doppio might be the perfect fit for your project!

Fully managed

Nothing to install, just an API call. Doppio is hosted and secured.

Fast, scalable, reliable

No matter the volume or the concurrent calls: Doppio won’t let you down.

You’re not alone

Technical support is available to help you.

3 reasons why Doppio is the best PDFMonkey alternative for PDF generation

Generate beautiful PDF on the go from HTML

If you want to use PDFMonkey to generate PDF on your web app, you first need to create templates in PDF Monkey’s backoffice. You don’t have complete control over the design and layout of the generated file.

Doppio, on the other hand, generates PDF from HTML content. You can create the output in your app, with your prefered language, using you design system: Doppio will handle the HTML to PDF conversion. Our experience has shown us that it is the best way to create beautiful custom documents, without any limitation.

Doppio machine

Simple and easy to setup and use for developers

Using templates for PDF generation can be a great idea if your team or client need to customize the files by theirselves. But PDF Monkey’s templating system is difficult to manipulate for end users, and the templating system slows down the implementation.

With Doppio, you can start generating PDF in your app in a few minutes. Fast setup, easy integration: Grab your API key and you're just one API call away from your first PDF render.

securised cloud

GDPR and HDS ready API for PDF generation

PDFMonkey stores PDF files after generation until you delete them.

In contrast, Doppio does not store any PDF files after generation. You can use our upload delegation feature to securely store documents in your own S3 bucket, but this is not mandatory. If you do not use upload delegation, the document is stored in a temporary bucket and expires quickly.

We do not retain any data sent to Doppio, and we still provide a way to debug your request by hiding your sensitive parameters. Moreover, our servers are HDS certified, which means you can safely send sensitive health data to Doppio without risk.

Doppio machine

PDFMonkey vs Doppio : full comparison table

Type of toolHosted and managed SaaS APIHosted and managed Saas API
Easy setup Need template creation
Full control over documents design Need template creation
Load images, fonts, CSS & JS Only on paid plans
PDF rendering
PNG, JPG & WebP rendering
Languages supported Any language Any language
Create asynchronous workflows
Upload delegation (S3 storage)
HDS ready
GDPR ready & full privacyDont't know
Fully securedDont't know
PricingFree plan (300 documents / month)
€15 / month up to 3000 documents
€300 / month up to 60 000 documents
Free plan (400 documents / month)
€14,90 / month up to 4000 documents
€44,50 / month up to 12000 documents

Grab you API key and try Doppio out : it’s free !

With our basic plan, generate up to 400 documents per month for free. No credit card required.

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