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Doppio API is composed of very similar render methods but each with key differences. So, here is a guide to help you get started and find the one you need !

Render modes

Doppio can return your document in 3 different ways: direct, syncand async.

A Direct route will return your document directly in response to your request. Simple and efficient.

A Sync route will not respond with the document directly but with the URL which temporarily host it after the document has been rendered.


If you provided a presigned URL, the URL will be from your own S3 bucket. See here for more info on this feature.

An Async route will respond to your request immediately, then handle your request and call the provided webhook when the render is completed. The document is also passed on via the host URL. See here for more info on the async workflow.

Document types

Doppio can render your document as an image or a PDF. Supported image formats are PNG, JPEG, JPG and WEBP.

Making a request

All requests follow the same principles : a POST request to the base URL with some common params in the body.

Part of the body can change depending on the render mode or the document type requested. A PDF or Image route will have respectively an optional pdf or screenshot parameter for additional specifications. Async routes will need a webhook parameter specified in the body (nested inside doppio parameter).

Here is a summary of all available routes and their specificities.

EnpointRender modeDocument TypeBody
/v1/render/pdf/directDirectPDFCommon params, PDF params
/v1/render/pdf/syncSyncPDFCommon params, PDF params
/v1/render/pdf/asyncAsyncPDFCommon params, PDF params, Async params
/v1/render/screenshot/directDirectImageCommon params, Screenshot params
/v1/render/screenshot/syncSyncImageCommon params, Screenshot params
/v1/render/screenshot/asyncAsyncImageCommon params, Screenshot params, Async params

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