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PDF Route body's params

To render a PDF, you can set pdf under page property:

For the PDF route pdf properties follow the PDFOptions type

Property nameTypeDescription
scalenumberScales the rendering of the web page. Amount must be between 0.1 and 2 optional
displayHeaderFooterbooleanWhether to show the header and footer. optional
headerTemplatestringHTML template for the print header. See valid HTML pattern bellow. optional
footerTemplatestringHTML template for the print footer. Has the same constraints and support for special classes as PDFOptions.headerTemplate. optional
printBackgroundbooleanSet to true to print background graphics. optional
landscapebooleanWhether to print in landscape orientation. optional
pageRangesstringPaper ranges to print, e.g. 1-5, 8, 11-13. optional
formatPaperFormatAll the valid paper format types when printing a PDF. See all formats. optional
widthstring, numberSets the width of paper. You can pass in a number or a string with a unit. optional
heightstring, numberSets the height of paper. You can pass in a number or a string with a unit. optional
marginMarginSets the margin of every page. See the expected properties here optional
preferCSSPageSizebooleanGive any CSS @page size declared in the page priority over what is declared in the width or height or format option. optional
omitBackgroundbooleanHides default white background and allows generating pdfs with transparency. optional

Valid HTML pattern for headerTemplate and footerTemplate

Should be valid HTML (base64 encoded) with the following classes used to inject values into them:

  • date formatted print date
  • title document title
  • url document location
  • pageNumber current page number
  • totalPages total pages in the document

Paper formats

Format nameSize in inchesSize in cmSize in feet
Letter8.5in x 11in21.6cm x 27.9cm0.666ft x 0.917ft
Legal8.5in x 14in21.6cm x 35.6cm0.666ft x 1.167ft
Tabloid11in x 17in27.9cm x 43.2cm0.917ft x 1.417ft
Ledger17in x 11in43.2cm x 27.9cm1.417ft x 0.917ft
A033.1in x 46.8in84cm x 118.9cm2.757ft x 3.898ft
A123.4in x 33.1in59.4cm x 84cm1.948ft x 2.757ft
A216.54in x 23.4in42cm x 59.4cm1.377ft x 1.948ft
A311.7in x 16.54in29.7cm x 42cm0.974ft x 1.377ft
A48.27in x 11.7in21cm x 29.7cm0.689ft x 0.974ft
A55.83in x 8.27in14.8cm x 21cm0.485ft x 0.689ft
A64.13in x 5.83in10.5cm x 14.8cm0.344ft x 0.485ft


Property nameTypeDescription
topstring, numberTop margin optional
rightstring, numberRight margin optional
leftstring, numberLeft margin optional
bottomstring, numberBottom margin optional

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