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Quick start with PHP

Our service is an efficient wkhtmltopdf alternative, offering up-to-date, faster and more flexible HTML to PDF conversion. Learn how to send your first request using PHP.

❶ Prerequisites

To get the most out of this guide, you’ll need to register to Doppio.

Go to the dashboard and grab your API key, dont worry the free plan is free for ever.

❷ Send a request

Render PDF

Your first PDF!


The synchronous method returns a JSON response, inclusive of information like documentUrl. This feature is advantageous for archiving the generated file's URL or for its subsequent manipulation in your application.


With the direct method, the PDF is directly transmitted to the client, facilitating an immediate file download. This is a practical approach when instant access to the generated PDF is required by the user.

Embracing the Asynchronous Method

For projects where a webhook is crucial for asynchronous operations, consider leveraging our asynchronous approach.

This method is a perfect fit for situations that demand webhook integration for processing tasks in the background. Ideal for handling bulk document processing, facilitating automatic real-time updates, or integrating PDF creation in a larger automated system, our asynchronous method guarantees efficiency and responsiveness, even with intricate or lengthy processes.

PHP Frameworks ?

Are you looking for a specific framework? Check out our quickstarts by category.

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