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Screenshot Routes body params

To render a screenshot, you can set screenshot under page property:

For the screenshot route screenshot properties follow the ScreenshotOptions type

Property nameTypeDescription
captureBeyondViewportbooleanCapture the screenshot beyond the viewport. optional
clipScreenshotClipAn object which specifies the clipping region of the page. optional
fullPagebooleanWhen true, takes a screenshot of the full page. optional
omitBackgroundbooleanHides default white background and allows capturing screenshots with transparency. optional
qualitynumberQuality of the image, between 0-100. Not applicable to png images. optional
type'png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'webp'Image format, default is png. optional


  • clip and fullPage properties can't be use in same time, they are mutually exclusive.
  • quality param and type param for PNG format are incompatible.
  • If you define quality param, you need to define type param for jpg, jpeg or webp.

clip properties:

Property nameTypeDescription
widthnumberThe width of page to capture.
heightnumberThe height of page to capture.
xnumberX coordinate to capture.
ynumberY coordinate to capture.

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