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The best alternative to Wkhtmltopdf for converting HTML to PDF easily

Need to turn HTML pages into PDF easily? Want to automate PDF generation in your web app? Want to find a simpler, more secured and scalable option than the Wkhtmltopdf library? Try Doppio, a fully managed, secure and reliable API for generating PDF from HTML.

The real tiny Doppio factory that creates one by one PDF documents from HTML files

Looking for an alternative to Wkhtmltopdf ?

When you need to convert HTML content to PDF in your website, you are tempted to use Wkhtmltopdf or an other library built on it - like pdfkit or KnpLabs/Snappy. Wkhtmltopdf is a free and open source command line tool. It generates great output and is easy to implement for developers. But it comes with some limits. We’ve been there. And that’s why we decided to create Doppio.

Fully managed

Nothing to install, just an API call. Doppio is hosted and secured.

Fast, scalable, reliable

No matter the volume or the concurrent calls: Doppio won’t let you down.

You’re not alone

Technical support is available to help you.

3 reasons why Doppio is the best wkhtmltopdf alternative

A secured, plug and play solution for generating PDF from HTML

Using Wkhtmltopdf or other similar libraries requires installing dependencies on your server. They execute a binary out of to your web app, which is potential breach in your security policy.

With Doppio, you don’t have to bother about all this anymore. Doppio is API as a service: hosted, managed, secured. It just works. Fast setup, easy integration: Grab your API key and you're just one API call away from your first render.

Doppio machine

A modern and powerful API, actively maintained

Wkhtmltopdf is no longer maintained by its creators. This means you cannot obtain any support with this tool, and it won’t evolve anymore. You should not trust a deprecated and obsolete binary installed on your server if you want to create a stable and secure web app.

Doppio, on the other hand, is a modern tool, maintained by a full team of developers, and for which you can get technical support and answers to your questions.

securised cloud

Compatible with any language and fully JS-ready

Wkhtmltopdf can not execute JS properly. It is not a reliable solution for your project if you use a JS framework like React, Angular or Vue.js.

Doppio, for its part, is compatible with any programming language and framework.

Doppio machine

Wkhtmltopdf vs Doppio : full comparison table

Type of toolSelf managed libraryHosted and managed Saas API
Easy setup
PDF rendering
PNG, JPG & WebP rendering
Languages supported Not full javascript support Any language
Create asynchronous workflows Good luck!
Upload delegation (S3 storage) Good luck!
HDS ready Depend on you
GDPR ready & full privacy Depend on you
Fully secured Depend on you
PricingFree (but need to be hosted and managed on your server)Free plan (400 renders / month) Paying plan from €14,90 / month

Grab you API key and try Doppio out : it’s free !

With our basic plan, generate up to 400 documents per month for free. No credit card required.

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