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Welcome to the Doppio documentation 👋

What is Doppio?

Doppio is an API service, that provides the world best rendering engine to convert HTML to PDF or take screenshots. At scale, without compromising your security.

Fig. 1: the real doppio machine

Why Doppio?

From our experience of the last 10 years, we found that on a render fidelity perspective, the best way to convert HTML to PDF is using Headless Chrome. Before that, there was wkhtmltopdf, but it is not actively maintained anymore.

Either way, those solution are not ideal because you have to start a new process next to your web server, it can create security issues and will eat up your CPU and RAM.

Your PDF rendering should not slow down your entire web server, it should be fast, efficient, reliable, secure, cheap and easy to use.

That's why we came up with Doppio

We wanted something simple that can render any amount of documents in a fast and efficient way. But before all, we want to provide a service that makes you focus on added value and interesting features that make your product unique, not on the technical details and avoidable boilerplate code to create a PDF or take screenshots.

Boilerplate code?

Why do you need that PDF or screenshot? You most likely need to provide it to your end users, you need to put it in an email, you need to store it in your object storage and/or in your database. We're on your side and can help you even more :

  • We can render the document and store it temporarily in our own object storage; you can then download your file, network is on us.
  • If you provide us with a S3 presigned url, we can upload the file to your S3 bucket.
  • If you have tons of documents to render at once, you can use our async render mode, and we call you back when the file is ready.

The story behind Doppio

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