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Render screenshot synchronously

A sync render request responds once the render is finished with the document URL (instead of the raw document). A screenshot request renders an image.

It is a simple request, with an additionnal body param if you wish for Doppio to upload your document in your own S3 bucket.


Method: POST


  • Common body params doppio, page and launch: see here.
  • Screenshot body params page.screenshot: see here.




  "doppioRequestId": "doppioreq_640d0598-0413-4385-8e4a-0ee43d531609",
  "renderStatus": "SUCCESS",
  "documentUrl": "",
  "isAsync": false,
  "isCustomBucket": true


To get a list of all possible response codes, see here

If everything goes well, Doppio will respond with the following payload:

Property nameTypeDescription
doppioRequestIdstringRequest identifier.
renderStatusstringRendering status of your document. Can be either SUCCESSor ERROR
documentUrlstringURL to access your rendered document
isAsyncbooleanIf the request is async. Will always be falsefor this request method
isCustomBucketbooleanIf the document is hosted on your own S3 bucket or temporarily on our own.

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