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Monitor your Doppio usage: Rate-Limits and Quotas

Monitoring your Doppio API usage is essential to ensure uninterrupted access and to stay within your subscription limits. This guide helps you understand the headers returned in every response which indicate your usage and any rate limits imposed.

In every response we return the following headers:

To prevent any unintentional service disruptions, it's vital to be aware of the rate limits. These headers help you gauge your current API request frequency.

Header NameDescription
X-RateLimit-LimitThe maximum number of requests per minute you are allowed.
X-RateLimit-RemainingThe number of requests left for the time window.
X-RateLimit-ResetThe number of seconds remaining until the rate limit resets.
Retry-AfterThe number of seconds the you should wait before making another request. Shown when the rate limit has been exceeded.

Keep track of your monthly usage with these headers. This way, you'll always know how many requests you have left before hitting your subscription's limit.

Header NameDescription
x-doppio-subscription-limitYour actual subscription limit for the month
x-doppio-current-month-usageYour current usage for this month
x-doppio-remaining-usageThe number of requests left for the month

Manually check your doppio usage with the statistics route


Method: GET



    "data": {
        "month": "11",
        "year": "2023",
        "totalCallCount": "10223",
        "successCount": "10223",
        "failureCount": "0"

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